Little Beasties Net


I've been wanting to get a place on the net to store my stuff and someplace where I could point people to, and I've finally gotten up and done it.

I'm going to try and put stuff out here that relevant to myself and hopefully to a few other folks as well.

About the Author

This is just a quicky. My name is Anthony Glaser. I'm a professional software engineer based in Tampa Florida. I plays guitar, bass, and some piano, and have been studying vocals. I enjoy all types of music from pop and rock to jazz and opera. More detailed info can be be found an the About me section of this site. There should be a current resume out there as well.

About this Design

I found this template while I was surfing the web for css info. It's a very nice, easily extensible template. It was created by a company called dreamLogic Web Design. I haven't actually visited their site yet, but I will as soon as I get this page finished. and I've included this and the following paragraph as courtesy to them for their efforts.

This template is released as an open source web design, which means that you are free to use it in any way you want, and edit it in any way you want to.